The Society


Birth of RADAR Memorial

The Robert Watson-Watt Society was set up in April 2006 by the City of Brechin Area Partnership and the Guildry of Brechin to recognise publicly the work of Sir Robert Watson-Watt, a native of Brechin. A committee has been formed to further this aim.

Watson-Watt is another important Scottish Pioneer amongst a list of many. Born in Brechin, Scotland and yet few people are aware of his enormous achievements. The Chain Home radar system and fighter control were crucial to the defence of the UK against the Luftwaffe from 1939 throughout World War II.

Further development of the radar system is nowadays used by all air traffic control.

Committee members :

Chairman : Stewart Hill, Cons. Mgr
Vice-Chairman : Dr Robert Martin, GP (Retired)
Secretary : Brian Mitchell, History Teacher (Retired)
Treasurer : Mike Holland
Donald McGilp : Headmaster (Retired)
Dr Charles Allison : Anaesthetist NHS Tayside
Colin Whyte : Former Clerk to The Guildry of Brechin
Pam Stevens : Brechin Company Director
Stephen Dempsey : Rector, Brechin High School (Retired)
Craig Russell : Aberdeen Company Director
Brian Makin : Professor Emeritus – Held the Watson-Watt Chair of Electrical Engineering at the University of Dundee
Steve Nicholl : Royal Marine (Retired)

The Aims of the Society are :

  • To increase the awareness and understanding of the work of Sir Robert Watson-Watt, and to raise a permanent memorial in Brechin to commemorate his life and work.
  • To encourage and assist the public, locally, nationally and internationally, to value, appreciate and celebrate Watson-Watt’s development of the system of radar during World War II that played such an important part in the defences of the United Kingdom and modern air traffic control.
  • To discuss, plan, consult and develop proposals to create an appropriate permanent memorial to Sir Robert Watson-Watt within the Ancient City and Royal Burgh of Brechin, to commemorate his life and work
  • To work with the Schools and Youth to increase the awareness and understanding of Watson-Watt and create a Physics prize in his memory.
  • To develop an interactive model of Watson-Watt’s radar system to be exhibited in the Brechin Town House Museum, with help from the museum staff High School and Abertay University

A final word from our Chairman :

Our mission at the society is to maximise our collective efforts in promoting the pioneering work of Robert Watson-Watt on a national and international level.We are in the process of planning the Memorial to his legacy in the creation of a monument which will be located in the City of his birth, Brechin.

As we move forward with this exciting project we will require additional support in the form of new skills, fund-raising and energy in order to generate the awareness & sponsorship necessary – your help in anyway is greatly appreciated.

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  1. Hello, what a fantastic tribute to the man, and also the BBC Castles in the Sky. I had to post my own pictures on FB, with a couple of pics of a place I love, hoping the stone ultimately came from there.

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