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The following links to external sites contain useful information regarding the invention of Radar and in addition a clear understanding of the science behind its development.

We hope to be updating this section regularly with new information for our visitors. The Sir Robert Watson-Watt Society of Brechin provides the following external links to relevant information on other 3rd party websites. We make no representation whatsoever regarding the content of any other websites that you may access from this website. We have no control over the content of these websites and cannot guarantee the reliability or accuracy of any information linked externally.

External Website Links about Watson-Watt :


The Secrets of RADAR Museum – To educate the public on the history of RADAR in Canada : read more …

BBC news online – Tribute plan for radar inventor  : read more …

Time Magazine – Radar Man : read more …

How Stuff Works – Radar  : read more …

The Radar Pages : read more … – Sir Robert Watson-Watt : read more …

Wikipedia – Brechin City : read more …

Wikipedia – Brechin City Railway : read more …

Wikipedia – Glen Cadam Distillery Brechin :

Newspaper Article Links :


Watson Watt tribute taking shape : 19 Jun 2009 Watson-Watt Society finalise model of memorial A SMALL bronze model of the intended memorial for Robert Watson-Watt under commission by Scottish Artist

Press & Journal : 26 Mar 2009 – Brechin to pay homage to wartime son Sir Robert Watson-Watt’s chain home radar system played crucial WWII role

Independent : 2 Nov 2006 – Campaign to put unsung hero of Second World War back on radar He was the man who helped win the Battle of Britain and whose invention went on to lay the foundations for a host of modern life-saving technologies

Civil Aviation – Flight : 26 Feb 1946 – Informal Radar Conference Applying wartime navigational aids to civil aviation – European delegates at London discussions

Book Links :


Radar War by Gerhard Hepcke Free download (PDF 134kb)

History of Radio Flight Navigation Systems – Free Download (PDF 134kb) Watson-Watt describes the development of radar from a personal point of view in his Three Steps to Victory (1957) (Available from the St. Andrews University Library)

The Pulse of Radar: The Autobiography of Sir Robert Watson-Watt (1959) A biography is John Rowland (Available at

Man’s means to his end by Sir Robert Watson-Watt. (Available from the St. Andrews University Library)  The Radar Man: The Story of Sir Robert Watson-Watt (1963) (Available at

Through the weather house : An expanded revision of the author’s seven radio talks given in the National programme, 1934 (Available from the St. Andrews University Library) Briefer accounts appear in Egon Larsen, Men Who Changed the World: Stories of Invention and Discovery (1952) (Available at

Patrick Pringle, Great Discoveries in Modern Science (1955) (Available at

Boffin – A personal story of the early days of Radar, Radio Astronomy and Quantum Optics – by R. Hanbury Brown (Available at

Radar Days – A personal story of the development of airborne radar. E.G.Bowen (Available at

Tuxedo Park – A Wall Street Tycoon and the secret palace of science that changed the course of World War 2. Jennet Conant (Available at

Most Secret War – by R.V. Jones (Available at

Tizard – Biography R.W.Clark (Available at (WikipediA article)

National Archive information – Sir Robert Watson Watt

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