Another step closer to realising the dream of a commemorative memorial

radarwwstatcuAfter much fund-raising and numerous donations the Watson-Watt Society of Brechin is a massive step closer to realising the dream of building a commemorative statue to Robert Watson-Watt.

It will be Brechin’s first ever statue.

Delighted by the news, society member Steve Nicoll said: “This is a two part story and the headline is about finally being in a position, as a result of recent fund-raising activities, to have enough money to commission the sculptor, Alan Herriot, to complete his work on the 115 per cent size statue.

“That fantastic achievement has been made possible by the generosity of so many local people and organizations who have been carrying out amazing fund raising events, keeping the vital money coming in and boosting the total.”

Alan Herriot won the tender to design the statue and a maquette model is on display in Brechin Town House Museum.

Steve continued: “The second part of the story is that there is a ‘however’ element to it and that is the realization that the Watson-Watt Society is still short of raising the total amount to get the statue moulded in bronze.

“Whilst it is hugely encouraging to finally get the sculptor working on the statue the final funding is not quite there yet.”

To help realise the dream of having a bronze statue the society is appealing to the community spirit that has been so crucial in recent months in raising fund for this exciting project.

“The shortfall is about £10,000 and every donation, no matter how small, will help towards realizing the total that will allow this project to be completed in 2014,” added Steve.

To complete his casting work on the statue the sculpture will work for about three months, with another three months needed for the moulding at Powderhall Bronze in Edinburgh.

“So although there is some time to raise the extra money we all know how quickly time can pass,” continued Steve.

“There is such a positive community element to this project that it would be stunning if we could reach the finishing line helped by the people of Brechin”.

Sir Robert Watson-Watt was born in 5 Union Street, Brechin, on April 13, 1892, and was educated at Damacre School and Brechin High School.

He graduated with a BSc in Engineering in 1912 from University College, Dundee, which was then part of the University of St Andrews. Following graduation he was offered an assistantship by Professor William Peddie who excited his interest in radio waves.

His work during the Second World War provided the Royal Air Force with early warning radar that allowed the pilots to detect and intercept attacking German aircrafts during the Battle of Britain.

This was a pivotal moment for Britain and Watson-Watt’s contribution was recognized in 1942 with a Knighthood.

Anyone wishing to make a donation can do so by visiting, contact the secretary, Brian Mitchell on 01356 624356 or e-mail or the treasurer, Mike Holland on 01356 624053 or by e-mail at

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